Jurassic Backyard

At first I was a normal human being, albeit one in an actual relationship with another human being, but then there was a virus released that turned some people into dinosaurs.  I was turned into a Velociraptor, so was my woman and our neighbors.  I could still think somewhat like a normal human, though, just slightly more basic.  So I was inside this dinosaur body but with a fully aware brain.  It was dark and stormy like any good dinosaur story is, and I overheard from the neighbor’s television that had been left on, that the government was going to release a sort of counter-virus that was supposed to turn the dinoed people back into humans.  It swept through the area but it just made things worse.  Now I wasn’t just a Velociraptor, I was Zombified!  Totally base human thoughts, not Dino-thoughts.  My neighbor in the house behind me was still a human and saw what the new virus did and tried to escape by jumping over the flooded creek separating our houses, she was only saved by another human that grabbed hold of her.  Here I was a Zombie Velociraptor and I saw two tasty humans.  I could see them talking but I couldn’t hear what they were saying, not that I could understand them anyway!  I woke up before I actually attacked them, though.

posted 4 years ago and tagged as craziest dream to date