I hereby vow to be better about writing down and posting my dreams.  For they are truly strange. 

I hereby vow to be better about writing down and posting my dreams.  For they are truly strange. 

Jurassic Backyard

At first I was a normal human being, albeit one in an actual relationship with another human being, but then there was a virus released that turned some people into dinosaurs.  I was turned into a Velociraptor, so was my woman and our neighbors.  I could still think somewhat like a normal human, though, just slightly more basic.  So I was inside this dinosaur body but with a fully aware brain.  It was dark and stormy like any good dinosaur story is, and I overheard from the neighbor’s television that had been left on, that the government was going to release a sort of counter-virus that was supposed to turn the dinoed people back into humans.  It swept through the area but it just made things worse.  Now I wasn’t just a Velociraptor, I was Zombified!  Totally base human thoughts, not Dino-thoughts.  My neighbor in the house behind me was still a human and saw what the new virus did and tried to escape by jumping over the flooded creek separating our houses, she was only saved by another human that grabbed hold of her.  Here I was a Zombie Velociraptor and I saw two tasty humans.  I could see them talking but I couldn’t hear what they were saying, not that I could understand them anyway!  I woke up before I actually attacked them, though.

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Criminal Mind

I was Spencer Reid, and I had gone off the deep end.  I had left the BAU and moved into this shitty house.  I claimed a porcelain baby was real and would feed it and change it’s diapers.  One day my friends at the BAU came by to talk to me…so I set the house on fire.  I went and hid in this little nook I’d created in a wall.  Except I thought I heard my “baby” crying from inside it’s crib.  So I went and got him, but the room was on fire and I was freaking out, so I crouched down and held the baby.  Then Derek Morgan came in with a fire extinguisher, because I had apparently only caught one room on fire.  So he put out the fire and picked me up.  Then Hotch came in and they both helped clean up the house, which so run down there were mushrooms growing out of the carpet…

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All I can remember from my latest dream is that I had four tattoos on my left arm that would morph and change and give me information, one would tell me the weather, another the news…

posted 3 years ago

Broken Hearted

I was sick and I needed surgery, so I made a tiny robot version of myself that was operated by a virtual reality helmet and suit.  I donned the suit in order to perform heart surgery on myself an install a set of stents in the major arteries around my chest…

posted 3 years ago

Costa Rica Time

I was in elementary school with three other friends, and something strange happened but we couldn’t stop it and we wanted to try and fix it.  We agreed to figure out a way to do just that.  Time passed - like it always does in my dreams - with a snap.  10 years later I’m in a jungle in what looks like Costa Rica: green, steep cliffs, not a soul in sight.  I’m there at a specific time to meet up with my friends from elementary school.  I walk out of the jungle to the sight of a large fenced area and a single guard.  My friend walks up to him and knocks him out and my two other friends come into view and we make our way underground through a nearly invisible blast door.  We walk down a long hallway and open a small door that opens into large oval room.  I understand that it’s a time machine, but not your ordinary time machine, it uses the energy of destroying your body to transport your consciousness to a you at some point in the past you’ve already decided.  So there we were, ten years in the past, in that same school room minutes before the awful thing occurs.  Except we notice a new student, and recognise him as someone who came back just before us and he’s changed the past so that a different terrible thing happens…

posted 3 years ago

Iron Man

I was in a sort of warehouse district, the typical sort of thing you’d see in a movie.  I was Iron Man, but not the Iron Man we all know and love and wish to be.  I was an alternate universe Iron Man.  I was being attacked by someone in a helicopter, and I was on the ground with a crew of 2 men helping me.  But we were losing.  So as the helicopter was getting ready for another pass to shoot at us, I told them to hide underneath a truck, and I pulled a small missile out of my suit and placed it on the ground aimed straight up, and conjured a hologram of me and my men hiding next to a burnt out car. 

When the helicopter came around to shoot at us, it instead shot at the hologram, and struck the hidden missile which was set off and hit the helicopter, causing it to flame and fly out of view.  I had a feeling the attacker would return, so I ordered my comrades into an abandoned building.  Once we entered I felt like something was very odd and out of place and as I checked out the building I flew past a dusty Iron Man helmet and a piece of Torso armor.  I stopped and landed next to the armor and opened a door and realised that everything was wrong about where we were. 

Suddenly I just knew that we had accidentally entered the original Iron Man’s universe, but that we had entered it when Tony Stark was still in high school.  The only way the three of us could get back to our universe was with the help of the original Stark, so we had to pass ourselves off as his bodyguards and the only way he would help us is if we would help in the production of a play as part of his graduation. 

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It was a party atmosphere in a house I vaguely recognised and I was getting drinks for myself and three other people, mine was scotch of course, and I was holding a kitten in my right arm.  I picked up the four drinks and took them back to a glass-topped table where I found my grandfather, and two other similarly aged men sitting, waiting for my return, parched as they were.  I sat the drinks down on the table, got mine mixed up with the gentleman sitting next to me but we quickly switched glasses.  We all went back to chatting, and taunting our individual kittens from above the clear table. 

posted 4 years ago